Assessment of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for programmes in the Middle East and North Africa Dec 10

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In 2014 SPG was contracted by the Danish International Development Cooperation Agency (Danida) to strengthen its monitoring and evaluation framework for the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP).

The assignment aimed to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation framework with appropriate result measures and corresponding indicators to effectively monitor the DAPP for the period 2015 – 2016. The assignment focused on the partners’ own monitoring systems and on ensuring that they had the capacity to collect and report on data relating to the overall indicators for the DAPP.

An assumption that underpinned SPG's approach was that unless the partners have the required systems and capacities in place, their ability to benefit from any structured learning would have been limited and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ capacity to follow-up on the overall progress of the programme would have been hampered. On the basis of this assumption, SPG tested and developed DAPP’s existing monitoring framework, covering indicators for four areas: Human Rights, Women Empowerment, Knowledge-based Societies, and Economic Growth in the Middle East and North Africa. See

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