Spot-checks of Integration of the Human Security/Conflict Sensitivity in the works of Sida’s Framework Organisations Nov 15

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Sthlm Policy Group conducted in the summer of 2017 spot-checks of integration of conflict sensitivity of 4 civil society organisations: Church of Sweden, Union to Union, We Effect, and World Wide Fund for Nature.
The assessment of the institutional capacity and processes of 30 Swedish organizations and their national and local partners in Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, and Myanmar focused on their risk management systems to integrate conflict perspective/conflict sensitivity in the design, planning and monitoring of project implementation. The assessment analyzed their ability to promote peace, social cohesion and stability.

The objectives of the spotcheck were to:
  • Contribute to Sida’s understanding regarding to what extent the organisations integrate the conflict perspective or conflict sensitivity in their work, including both normative and operational aspects at the headquarters and at the field level; 

  • Contribute to learning within these Framework Organizations and their local partner organisations, in developing countries, as to how conflict sensitivity can be better integrated in their projects and programs. 
On the basis of findings, the spot-checks drew concrete conclusions, and provided action-oriented recommendations that can be applied by the Framework Organizations to strengthen their risk management system as well as conflict sensitive programming.

Sthlm Policy Group carried out field visits to interview stakeholders in Cambodia, Myanmar and Guatemala.

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