SPG supports peacebuilding initiatives in Somalia and Somaliland Feb 15

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Sthlm Policy Group was one of several international experts leading a workshop in Hargeisha in December 2012 on strengthening the Somali and Somaliland civil societies to promote human rights and democracy for peace, security and development. 

Thirty participants, representing 15 organizations, from different regions in Somalia and Somaliland participated in the seven days capacity building workshop. The workshop took place in the midst of hope and anticipation emerging from a newly elected and approved government in Somalia.

SPG contributed to the workshop by engaging with the participants on building effective organizations and networks to strategically and systematically address the causes and dynamics of the conflict and potential for peace.

Comments: 1

Abdillahi Jama
Participants of December 2012 training workshop on peace and security in Hareisa, Somaliland were 53.. Among others were students from Academy of peace security of Hargeisa University who later joined.
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