Review of the Norwegian Refugee Council’s work in Afghanistan Dec 07

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SPG will participate in an evaluation of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Afghanistan.

The NRC has been working in Afghanistan since 2002. The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to durable solutions for conflict and natural disaster affected refugees, returning refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable groups in Afghanistan.

NRC’s main donor for its Afghanistan programme, the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, has requested the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), to commission a review of NRC’s work in Afghanistan 2006-2010.

SPG participated in the winning tender, organized by the Nordic Consulting Group (NCG). The team consists of consultants from NCG and Sthlm Policy Group, as well as a local consultant from Afghanistan. 

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Comments: 10

Noor Ahmad

My name is Noor Ahmad currently living in Afghanistan, I have officially engaged with a girl in Norway, she is also an Afghan living in Norway for a long period of time and has permanent risidency. We will get married soon here in Afghanistan, what are the chances that I can also live with her in Norway. Please explain to me the policies in this regard.

Hi, I have worked as an Interpreter for the Norway Military Force in Afghanistan in frame of NATO. Currently I am under the INS threat and have been given death threats frequently.
How can I apply for immigration to Norway, where i could continue my higher education and began a new life?
Looking forward your nice response
warm regards

Hi my Name is Masood me and my family is Love christian we com christian ,me and my family in The Afghanistan The Afghanistan All pepol Muslem me and my family christian pleas help me
My name is mursi, iam from Sudan, I want to move to Sweden or Norway, please assist, my email is
MRS Mustafazada
Hello . Me and my family live in Afghanistan and the situation of Afghanistan is very bad every day is war and attack and we need to move from here to a safe country because of my kids and also my husband also injured in blost please assist us
I am from Afghanistan
I have read the NRC policy for refugi it's appreciable :
I have a request hope that be acceptable
I was 3 years old boy that my father has ded during ware from child hold as yet working strong to run my family expenditure I was hope full one day peace well cover my country but it not happend I start work with brithish army they promises that at the end of our mission we send you to uk but they not
After that I start working with australian embassy it's about 5years I was hopefully they we'll send me to Australia but they not the Taliban nows about me they are giving me warning after every warning I am Changin my living area
One of my friend told me that I share my problems to you are
So please if it's possible help me I will appreciate
Dear NRC Delegation,

This is to let you know that I have been in search of leaving for an European Country i.e. (Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc). I wish I could receive any help/support from NRC please.
if there is new job announcement please inform me i would like to get a job in NRC and would like to share my job experience
Dear Sir,

Aurora Consulting Services is registered with Ministry of Commerce & Industries in Kabul, Afghanistan. We do labor services, monitoring & evaluation, surveys, physical verification, data collection, capacity building and assistance in Afghanistan visa & work permit services.
Currently we have ongoing 23 contracts of assistance in Afghanistan visa & work permit services with banks, audit financial companies, international companies, universities and other local companies.

We look forward to any future collaboration with you.
I completed my degree from India when I came back to Afghanistan I found myself another person among serious and religious people. I'm in contrary of my family and society even my brothers treat me what they want I have to do. Now I hope your organization can help to get rid of the crisis circumstance.
Email again:

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