Evaluation of women empowerment programme in Liberia Oct 30

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Having conducted the mid-term review of Kvinna till Kvinna’s ‘Women’s Empowerment Programme in Liberia’ in 2013, Sthlm Policy Group was commissioned to conduct also the final evaluation of the programme.

The main purpose of the final review was to assess the relevance of the programme; assess the results of the programme in relation to the results framework; and to identify and articulate lessons learnt and formulate recommendations to serve as basis for Kvinna till Kvinna’s strategic choices and future programme in Liberia.

A 10-day field visit was undertaken to Liberia where the evaluation team, consisting of one SPG consultant and a local Liberian expert, conducted interviews and focus group discussions with Kvinna till Kvinna’s management and staff, nine local partners as well as the beneficiaries of various interventions through three case studies of selected partner projects.

SPG’s analytical model was based on fully understanding the theory of change that underpins Kvinna till Kvinna as an organisation, and its women’s empowerment programme.

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