Organizational assessments of Civil Society Organizations Mar 11

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In the fall and winter of 2012/2013, SPG, in partnership with Sipu, conducted three organizational assessments of Diakonia, PMU Interlife and the Swedish Red Cross in view of possible qualification as Sida's framework and/or strategic partner organizations.
The assessments were based on an assessment framework, developed by Sida and Sipu, including some sixty criteria for assessing the CSOs seeking to qualify as a framework organizations for international development and/or as a strategic partner organizations for humanitarian assistance. 

The qualification criteria were structured around four areas: (i) The foundation of the CSO; (ii) Systems for internal management & control; (iii) Capacity to achieve and report results against the strategies; and (iv) Potential to adapt and self-renew. The analysis of the qualification criteria was based on documentation provided by both Sida and the organizations. The consultants also interviewed more than 50 individuals for each organization, and visited partner organizations and field projects in Kenya and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Comments: 1

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