Mid-term Review of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s Cambodia Human Rights Programme May 19

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Sthlm Policy Group was commissioned by Raoul Wallenberg Institute to carry out a mid-term review (MTR) of RWI's Cambodia Human Rights Capacity Development Programme 2013-2017.

The objective of the mid-term review is to: “generate information on how effective the programme has been in achieving results thus far, identifying, where possible, factors influencing positive results achievement, and proposing any potential adjustments to ensure effective programme delivery for the final year of the programme and a possible future programme.” More specifically, the terms of reference asked the review team to determine the most important achievements so far, and identify areas of non-achievement; to assess the main reasons for success and factors inhibiting results achievement; to review the relevance of the programme in relation to the national political and historical context and assess the added value of RWI; to assess the efficiency of the RWI office in Phnom Penh; and to provide recommendations for RWI’s continued engagement. During the review process, it was also agreed to include sustainability in the scope of the review. 

The objective of RWI’s programme in Cambodia is to strengthen the environment for human rights promotion and protection in Cambodia. This is broken down into two sub-objectives:

  1. To strengthen institutional capacities of selected academic institutions to develop and deliver high-quality human rights education and research as well as provide an academic platform for human rights debates and dialogue; and
  2. To strengthen the capacity of strategically selected government institutions to fulfil their obligations in accordance with international human rights standards.

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