Method support and advisory services Nov 14

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Forum Syd contracted Sthlm Policy Group from March to May 2017 to provide method support and advise in the drafting of the annual report, as well as supporting the quality assuring process of content, and general problem-solving. 

More specifically, the advisory support focused on internal cost-effectiveness. 

Measuring cost-effectiveness in relation to results is generally difficult. One reason is that it is not easily feasible to compare alternative approaches, strategies and plans for implementation since it requires careful consideration and analysis of each option.

Assessment of cost-effectiveness often boils down to whether the organization is aware of the cost drivers and is effectively structured to optimize its own organizational resources and strategy to achieve expected results. 

Thus, this assignment aimed to identify and assess Forum Syd's cost drivers, and analyse them in relation to their operational context and programme objectives to better understand to what extent cost-effectiveness is considered as an integrated part of their project management system.

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