Sida Help Desk on Human Security Apr 16

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SPG and partners have signed a three years contract for Helpdesk Services on Human Security with Sida.  

The Helpdesk Services on Human Security to Sida will be delivered by a consortium of Sthlm Policy Group, University of Bradford and Saferworld. The Helpdesk aims to provide a flexible, responsive and easy to use service to all eligible officers at Sida HQ and at Swedish Embassies to ensure effective and adequate addressing of human security concerns within the areas of peace and security; and humanitarian assistance.

The consortium offers a multidisciplinary team of experts, who among them have extensive research, consultancy and program implementation experience. The consultants’ range of skills covers the interface between conflict, security, development cooperation, humanitarian action and the building of sustainable peace and stability. The combined experience of assisting donors, multi- and bilaterals to implement programmes that support stability and security as well as practical experience in the implementation of projects with national partners (governments and civil society organisations) means we offer realistic advice and assistance based on years of practical experience. Consisting of a UK NGO, one of the leading UK academic institutions working on peace studies and a Swedish policy consultant organisation, the consortium helps to bridge the divide that often looms between practitioners, academics and policy makers.

All partners have an excellent understanding of the international architecture, mechanisms and policies required to support the work of conflict-sensitive development and the integration of human security considerations. We have extensive experience supporting policy development in international fora as well as in the Swedish national context.

The consortium has a strong understanding of the objectives of Sweden’s development policy, as well as of the specific issues and interventions within the focus of Sweden’s approach to human security and humanitarian assistance. The collective knowledge and experience of the three associating partners offer a broad and solid platform for dialogue with Sida on complex peacebuilding, statebuilding and humanitarian issues at both the strategic policy level as well as on programme implementation of peace.

All three partners have worked closely with Sida and other Swedish actors to interpret and implement Swedish policy in line with international standards and established frameworks. We provide practical and strategic advice and assistance that does not place an extra burden on development practitioners and embassy staff but helps them to improve the way that development cooperation addresses violent conflict and improves peace and stability. 

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