Facilitation of peacebuilding in Libya Jan 28

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Sthlm Policy Group facilitated a project development process with five UN organisations in Libya to empower youth in Sirte in Libya to participate in the local peacebuilding process. UNSMIL commissioned the assessment.

The facilitation included coordinating the proposal writing with emphasis on the peacebuilding context, main drivers of conflict, peace capacities, policy context, implementation strategy with theory of change and outcome areas. The proposal was successfully submitted to the UN Peacebuilding Fund in New York. The proposal was approved by the UN Peacebuilding Support Office. 

Young people in Sirte is currently transitioning from their brutal experiences of post-revolution and the occupation of the Islamic State towards building a peaceful and social cohesive culture. This transitioning process is fragile and requires careful support to adolescents and young people. By integrating a careful conflict- and gender sensitive approach the project design and implementation will ensure that risks are carefully mitigated.

This project aims at supporting young men and women, and adolescents to become active agents of change and peace to prevent violent extremism and promote social cohesion in the city of Sirte in Libya. The project will work with young men and women, and adolescents who are adversely affected by armed conflicts since the revolution in 2011, and who suffer from trauma of the brutalities of violence and the occupation of the IS. The project will offer young men and women, and adolescents opportunities to participate in a range of training activities on resilience, access vital information through different media channels about peace and social cohesion, seek psychosocial support for trauma healing, as well as to participate in social activities that will bring young people and adolescents together. Participants who have gained knowledge and skills through the activities will have confidence, commitment and readiness to be involved and actively participate in local democratic governance to strengthen peace and social cohesion.

Comments: 7

Muhamed Mpira
Great Initiative. I highly recommend the role of the business private sector in this project. It will be an honor to participate on the project is possible.

Thank you.
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