Evaluation of Vårdförbundet's Palestine Programme May 28

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Evaluation of Vårdförbundet, the Swedish Association of Health Professionals, Palestine programme focusing on organisational development and leadership training.

This evaluation was contracted by Vårdförbundet, and carried out by Sthlm Policy Group AB during January and March 2018.

The rationale and purpose behind this assignment was a desire by Vårdförbundet to identify cooperation areas for improvement to support the Palestinian health care actors and contribute to .

The assignment was an evaluation of the Polad concept in relation to the Course on Practical Aspects of Diplomatic Affairs for Palestinian diplomats. The evaluation covered trainings between 2015 and 2017 for junior, mid- and senior level diplomats. The evaluation focused on the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of the course content, training methodology, human resources, and intervention logic on the capacity of the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sthlm Policy Group conducted interviews with Palestinian diplomats in Ramallah.

On the basis of findings, the evaluation drew concrete conclusions, and provided action-oriented recommendations that can be applied by FBA.

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