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This End of Project Review and Lessons Learned was commissioned by UNDP-ABC and carried out by Sthlm Policy Group between April and August 2023.

The end-of-project review of UNDP Africa Borderlands Centre (ABC) between October 2021 and December 2022. The review assessed the effectiveness of the initiatives, evaluating progress, achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. It examined the potential for replicating and scaling up these interventions in African borderlands, considering impact at local, national, cross-border, and regional levels. 

Objectives of the review encompassed evaluating output achievement, local ownership, strategy appropriateness, gender equality promotion, human rights protection, youth and indigenous empowerment, documenting lessons, and providing recommendations. Extensive consultations with stakeholders, including UNDP-ABC team, UNDP Country Offices in Kenya, Uganda and Mali, Life & Peace Institute, implementation partners, and beneficiaries, were conducted in Uganda and Kenya. The review draws insights and lessons from the project’s implementation, guiding future endeavors for improved peace, security, and development impact in borderlands.

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