Evaluation of a food security programme for West Saharan refugees May 31

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The evaluation was commissioned by Sida and conducted by consortium partners Sthlm Policy Group AB and FCG Sweden during July 2016 and March 2017. Sthlm Policy Group led an international consultancy team and partnered with Global Emergency Group.

The evaluation assessed the relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, impact and coverage of a humanitarian project aimed to contribute to food security, health and nutrition improvements, as well as to secure access to clothing and footwear. The consultants provided Sida with recommendations for future support to the West Saharan refugees in Algeria. The team carried out field missions to five Sahrawi refugee camps in Western Algeria. The project was managed by a Swedish organisation, Praktisk Solidaritet, and the evaluation covered the project period 2011–2015.

The project goal was to support West Saharan refugees in Algeria and contribute to reduced prevalence of malnutrition and guaranteed minimum standard of clothing and footwear among the Sahrawi refugees living in the camps. A second goal was increased capacity, self-reliance and reinforced autonomy of Western Saharan refugee women.

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