Evaluation of Concordis International's Cross-Border Peacebuilding program in Sudan and South Sudan Published Nov 18

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Earlier this year, Sthlm Policy Group (SPG) conducted a participatory analysis and evaluation of the cross-border peacebuilding program implemented by Concordis International (CI). As part of the process, SPG traveled to South Sudan in May to participate in a conference supported by CI and to meet with stakeholders of the program from both sides of the border. 

SPG’s partners - Mr. Manyang David Manyang in  South Sudan; and Mr. Abdel-Rahman El-Mahdi, Director of the Sudanese Development Initiative in Sudan - were engaged to support the evaluation and provide their perspectives. Brian Ganson, senior consultant and advisor to SPG, was brought on board as quality assurer for the assignment.

The evaluation was a successful case of mutual learning. SPG has highly appreciated the opportunity study and learn from the constructive and innovative approach to local cross-border conflict resolution and peacebuilding demonstrated through the program. We also hope and believe that the process presented an opportunity for CI to reflect on their work and develop strategies for the future . The evaluation report can be downloaded on CI’s website - here.

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