Assessment of conflict perspective Apr 03

Sthlm Policy Group · Comments: 4
Sthlm Policy Group conducted a conflict sensitivity assessment of a 5-year proposal by Olof Palme International Center. The assessment was commissioned by Sida.

SPG quality assured the proposal in terms of conflict sensitivity. SPG reviewed Olof Palme Center’s (OPC) conflict analysis, conflict sensitivity assessment. The assessment reviewed the following questions: 

- Does the OPC demonstrate a good understanding of the conflict context, power dynamics, drivers of conflict (sources of tension) and drivers of peace (sources of cohesion)? If the main objective of the intervention is to contribute to peace and security, does the project/programme address the root causes of conflict?

- Is there a documented understanding of how different groups including women, men, boys and girls are affected by conflict and violence?

- Does OPC explicitly reflect upon how the proposed intervention interacts with identified conflict risks (including sources of tensions)?

- Has OPC made a conscious choice of beneficiaries and geographic targeting and mitigated against potential negative side effects of these choices?

- Are there risks that the intervention may legitimize actors violating human rights, fuel corruption, create or enforce unbalanced power relations, etc?

- How does OPC propose to monitor the implementation of the intervention and adapt to changes in the context?

Comments: 4

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